Below is a brief chronology of Priestley's life.

1733Priestley is born on March 13th in Birstall, near Leeds, England
1761-1767Priestley Tutors at Warrington Academy
1762Priestley marries Mary Wilkinson
1767Priestley resumes his ministerial career near Leeds, England and begins his chemical experiments
1773Priestley leaves the ministry to serve as a librarian, traveling companion, tutor, and general factotum in the household of the earl of Shelburne
1774Priestley Accompanied the Earl of Shelburne on a tour of the continent that included an extended visit to Paris.
1777Priestley publishes two of his boldest and most controversial works: Disquisitions relating to matter and Spirit and The Doctrine of Philosophical Necessity.
1780Priestley Moves to Birmingham, England.
1791The "Priestley Riots" cause Priestley to move to London (where he was hated for his controversial views of the French Revolution).
1793Priestley delivers his "Fast Sermon".
1794Priestley leaves for America.
1796Priestley's beloved wife, Mary, dies
1804Priestley dies in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States