The Priestley Society

A Priestley Society meeting in Heckmondwike

Welcome to the Priestley Society. The Priestley Society is a UK based charity that aims to educate people about Joseph Priestley's life and legacy and to promote his contribution towards education, science, religion and politics. We have published books, made radio broadcasts, given lectures and have numerous members and contacts throughout the world. The Society is run by Joseph Priestley enthusiasts who aim to bring greater awareness and recognition of the scientist and preacher Joseph Priestley. Members of the society include scientists, university lecturers, teachers, librarians, historians and students.

We are located in Yorkshire, England - only a few miles from where Priestley was born - and we hold regular meetings in the Old Hall, Heckmondwike.

The Society was founded in 2004 with the mission statement:

“The advancement of education in Joseph Priestley of Birstall and Heckmondwike (1733-1804), in particular by celebrating and honouring his legacy, preserving local heritage and items of historic interest and educating the public on his contribution towards education, science, religion and politics.”

As of June 1st 2006 the Priestley Society has been a registered charity with UK charity number 1114470.

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To read about Priestley please see the Priestley section.

Current Committee

The committee is elected yearly as according to the Society's constitution. You are welcome to contact the committee from the contact us page. Here are the current positions: